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Luxurious Spa Treatments, including Persian Body Scrub & Vichy™ Showers

Treat yourself to a day of rest and relaxation at Beauty by Azi, the premier beauty salon of Spring Hill, Florida. Let our cosmetologists sooth your body with one of our refreshing spa treatments, such as an eyebrow threading, Vichy shower, or Persian body scrub.

Our Spa

Persian Body Scrubs

Relax and let you mind float freely as our cosmetologist exfoliates your skin with a Persian body scrub. All scrubs are performed with whey lotion and a hand-woven cloth made from unprocessed cotton to give your skin a silk smooth finish. During the treatment, you get to lie down on a Vichy shower bed and once complete you get to rinse off in a soothing steam shower. The final steam shower helps you detox through perspiration and they are a great alternative to a sauna.

Vichy Shower

Our Vichy Shower has four adjustable shower jets to caress your body under an invigorating waterfall. The effect of the water movement on your skin increases the blood circulation, hydrates the skin, and soothes the nervous system, bringing balance to your body and easing tension in your muscles. 

Benefits from regular Vichy Shower treatments include:

• Better Reception of Skin Products
• Improved Muscle Tone

• Improved Immune System
• Healthier-Looking Skin

• Skin Beautification
• Decreased Stress Levels

Massage Therapy

Let one of our massage therapists ease the tension from the week out of your muscles when you schedule an appointment today. We offer several massage treatments all performed by our licensed professionals. Treatment options include:

• Swedish
• Deep Tissue

• Sports
• Prenatal

• Hot Stone
• Cold Cucumber

• Essential Oils
• Warm Milk 

Contact us to schedule an appointment for a Persian body scrub with our cosmetologist.

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